We started purchasing commercial fitness equipment for our fitness center from Fitness One Pro BodyLine, and continue to align ourselves with this winning team of professionals. From sales to service, Fitness One Pro BodyLine is top notch! Thanks for being our partner in fitness.   

Ravi Sharma

   The team at Fitness One Pro Bodyline Equipment has helped me provide reliable and cutting edge fitness equipment which serves the needs of my fitness center. Our fitness center continues to have a growing demand for equipment which will stand the test of time and Fitness One Pro Bodyline has provided equipment to meet our needs. I began working with Fitness One Pro Bodyline in 2011 and since then, we’ve always had a great working relationship.   

Mohit Shrivastava

   I’ve had the pleasure of working in many capacities; developing collegiate training centers, commercial gyms, rehabilitation settings, personal training studios, and home gym design. It has been my experience that Fitness One Pro Bodyline and their staff at the best in their field.   

Ajitesh Malhotra

   I have a great experience with Fitness One Pro Bodyline Brand. Product is excellent and service is also very satisfactory.    

Mukund Oberoi